Support from the USA


We got a support declaration from the 2 attorneys who won the spectacular suite against Monsanto some weeks ago.


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GLYPHOSATE – a dangerous Chemical

Pesticides and Diabetes

Exposure to pesticides and diabetes

A systematic review and meta-analysis. BACKGROUND:
Diabetes mellitus has a multifactorial pathogenesis with a strong genetic component as well as many environmental and lifestyle influences. Emerging evidence suggests that environmental contaminants, including pesticides, might play an important role in the pathogenesis of diabetes.

20180720_RS28_Pesticides and Diabetes DM II 2018

Cronology way of Mals

Time Table -On the road leading to the POPULAR VOTE on the PROHIBITION of the use of very toxic, harmful and polluting PESTICIDES in the municipality of Mals.

Compiled by Johannes Fragner-Unterpertinger, spokesman of the promoter committee for a pestizid-free municipality Mals: The history of the “promoter’s committee for a pesticide-free municipality”, from its foundation on 25.02.2013 up to its resolution on 18.02.2016.

Download: 20160218_Cronology Way of Mols.pdf

Manifesto from doctors

A Manifesto from doctors, dentists, veterinarians, biologists and pharmacists of the Obervinschgau – catchment area Reschen – Prad, for the protection of health, and for the sustainable use of soil, water and air.

Download: 20160218_Manifest GB-USA.pdf

Opinion Tribunal

The International Monsanto Tribunal (hereinafter “the Tribunal”) is a so-called “Opinion Tribunal”. An Opinion Tribunal is neither an ordinary court that falls within the judicial order of a State, nor a court set up by an international organisation.

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Nature is Speaking

Nature Is Speaking – Ian Somerhalder is Coral Reef: Conservation International (CI)



Time to end the pesticide merry-go-round

Neonicotinoide - Confidor


Nature Is Speaking

Nature Is Speaking – Harrison Ford is The Ocean | Conservation International (CI)

Nature Is Speaking

Nature Is Speaking – Julia Roberts is Mother Natur: Conservation International (CI)

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