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Pesticides & bees

Pesticides damage the brains of baby bees, new research finds

Pesticides, along with the climate crises and declining habitat, have been blamed for their declining numbers. And in a new study published Tuesday, scientists examined exactly how bumblebees are affected by pesticides by scanning bumble bee brains and testing their learning abilities.

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Against Pesticides

Defending A Way of Life Against Pesticides

Philip Ackerman-LeistProfessor, Farmer and Author Philip Ackerman-Leist Discusses How One European Town was Able to Push Back Against Pesticides, Big Apple to Save Their Traditions.

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Mals banned pesticides


A Precautonary Tale, Philip Ackerman-LeistIf there’s one lesson I’ve learned from the story of Mals, it is that we have to move beyond the idea of organic farms as the answer; “organic communities” are the more sustaining and resilient objective. Philip Ackerman-Leist

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Pesticides and Diabetes

Exposure to pesticides and diabetes

A systematic review and meta-analysis. BACKGROUND:
Diabetes mellitus has a multifactorial pathogenesis with a strong genetic component as well as many environmental and lifestyle influences. Emerging evidence suggests that environmental contaminants, including pesticides, might play an important role in the pathogenesis of diabetes.

20180720_RS28_Pesticides and Diabetes DM II 2018


Time to end the pesticide merry-go-round

Neonicotinoide - Confidor

Link: https://www.euractiv.com/time-to-end-the-pesticide-merry-go-round/


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